Standing up for freedom

To the Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Sweden and the Department of Justice in Saudi Arabia

I am a blogger who champion free speech. In your country, Saudi Arabia, a blogger named Raif Badawi, also championed free speech and was sentenced to a 1000 lashes and 10 years imprisonment.

I hereby declare myself a volunteer to receive 50 of his lashes, in his place, provided that his sentence is reduced by the same number. This punishment I am ready to recieve at the Embassy in Stockholm.

I am looking forward to a response from your Department of Justice promptly.


This message has been sent to the Saudi Embassy in Stockholm. The pains of free speech must be carried by all who reap it’s benefits, and not only by those who exercise it. I challenge every person of integrity, intellect and moral standing, anywhere in the world, to volunteer in support! Imagine the support Badawi will sense when he hears of this, as he surely will. Imagine the shame the Saudi government will have to face in the eyes of the civilized world when such a manifestation takes place! Hopefully they will come to their senses and revoke the sentence.

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  1. Rutger says:

    Bra idé Mats!

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