Shut up and pay up!

The urbanization is speeding up throughout the world. The metropolitans, formerly known as the ”Jetsetters” when they were just a few, pride themselves of appreciating influences from various cultures and areas.

Oddly they also demand that everything shall be the same everywhere they go. So they won’t feel lost or out of touch with fashion. When things are streamlined the same all over the world, they complain about the lack of originality!

These metropolitans completely lack insight as to from where originality comes. It actually comes from the diverse rural world. The countryside world wide is not the same from place to place. Due to natural variations like climate, soil, seasons, weather, traditions and many other things, local rurals find different ways of utilizing the opportunities nature presents.

This of course results in the diversity the metropolitans so much appreciate when it comes to food and beverages, clothing and customs. But when metropolitans decide that they must rule the rurals in order to maintain the museal appearance they imagine the countryside has or must have, they overstep their competence.

Among those principles the metropolitans invoke in order to enforce their rule is intrinsicalism. By doing so, they effectively destroy the possibilties for originality and innovation of new tastes. If they’d just shut up about rural governing and pay up for the produce, they could live pleasant care free lives in their glazed downtown ivory towers.

After I wrote this, dairy farmers in the EU launched protests yesterday against the decision to end subsidies on milk. They feared increased production and lower prices on produce. But asking for subsidies and regulation is only another way of asking for less freedom, less local power, more power to big cities and ”the suits”. This is counterproductive to rural self interest.

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4 svar på Shut up and pay up!

  1. Thomas Gunnarson skriver:

    Visst… men skatten skall fram….

    • mats skriver:

      Det är ju det där fenomenet att skattefinansierad verksamhet inte är till hundra procent självfinansierande. Det går alltid bort en mindre eller större del i administration. Dessutom ska administrationen alltid ha sitt först, innan de tilltänkta bidragsmottagarna får sitt.
      Men administratörerna bokförs inte som bidragstagare. Det hela ger en skev bild av vem som föder vem.

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