During the cold war we were all busy trying to get laid. Sometimes we would worry about the nukes. Better to get laid than nuked.

After the cold war, when we should be able to celebrate that peace and love thing to it’s fullest, we are getting fucked!

Instead of enjoing the day, we are forced to worry about a distant future for the planet. It doesn’t make sense. What is there to worry about? The guys with the nukes have proven they won’t press the button, no matter what. So who’s afraid of the nukes these days? Not the bad guys anyway, they run rampant.

Surveillance is growing. Our lives are made more simple with every remote-monitored gadget. One step out of line, one comment out of order, and you are in big trubble my friend! Somehow this does not apply to the bad guys of our time.

The banks may make a profit from exporting jobs instead of exporting goods. The rest of us, we need jobs at home and homegrown food. We can’t buy our daily sustenance with the nonexisting money from the jobs we don’t have, from the local farmers who were forced to quit.

Who’s got the power to ravage the world like this? Who’s got an interest in it? Who’s invested in this ”development” of events, this apocalyptic mode of todays politics?

Who are the fat cats that cry ”monopolists of the world, unite!” ? Capitalists like Rockefeller, Rothschild, Ford, Soros? Socialists and communists? NGO-leaders that claim a cause to win trust and followers? All of the above? They are allready coming together in organisations like the UN, EU, Bilderberg, Club of Rome and others with world domination on the agenda. Towards the end, there will be an interesting battle for the top position. Let’s hope that we, the people, can stop them before that.

If not, who will be the last rebel in the world, being offered a ”good deal” for his land, from the sole owner of everything else? The revolutionary one who answers, I ain’t sellin’!

These articles (one, two, three, four, five, six) are just pieces, examples in various ways, of how fooled the world is. Truth and true science is being intentionally villified, while lies and propaganda is brought forth to be the new standard.

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2 svar på Shivers

  1. Samuel af Ugglas skriver:

    Som nygift skämtade vi när vi påstod att för kvinnan gällde att vägen till mannens hjärta går genom magen.
    Det begreppet har socialisterna breddat rätt så väsentligt genom att inkludera allt som tillhör människans väsen framför allt materiellt men även själsligt, Allting är ju gratis eller hur? Att vi blir förvandlade till själlösa amöbor är ju själva idéen bakom socialismen!

  2. Thomas Gunnarson skriver:

    När människan lämnade strandkanten och blev jägare/samlare spred hon sig över världen.
    Nästa steg blev bonden. Det hierakiska samhället…
    Idag försöker människan, globalt, att lämna bondesamhället.
    Och siktar mot något annat… Men vad?
    Finns det något annat än bondesamhället?

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